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Irrigation & Water Features

Most people think that irrigation is an unnecessary expense, but this is far from the truth. Irrigation systems are both necessary and affordable and for persons with just a few plants scattered around the yard, it is.

However here are a few points for garden owners to consider.

  • Irrigation can free up up to 5 hrs of your time a week
  • Simply set your timers to the intervals you want, and the wetting is done for you. You may extend wetting periods in the dry seasons to combat the dry scorching conditions.
  • Benefit from the convenience of a basic system for a few hundred dollars. Once the initial investment is made the returns are lasting.
Types of Irrigation
Drip Irrigation
Drip irrigation can reduce the amount of water needed to adequately feed your plants by 60% while catering to the plants water needs in a more efficient manner.
Pop Up system
The dry seasons in the tropics are usually very hard on lawns consisting of savannah, or java. Over time these dry periods cause the grass to die leaving patches where wild grass will eventually grow. To avoid having a patchy lawn you can have a pop up irrigation system installed. The spray heads of this system remains underground and pop up approximately 4-7 inches above the surface once the water is allowed to run through the circuit by the automatic timer. It’s easy and no hassle, once installed you have an automatic feeding system for your lawn through the seasons your lawn needs it most.

Recommended feature

Every irrigation system should be equipped with a rain censor. This device, once hooked up to an irrigation system sends a shut off signal to the timer when the rain falls. This feature is very useful and it can save a lot of time and money.