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Lot De-Bushing

When thinking about clearing a plot of land here are a few things to consider:

What type of plants occupy the lot : if there is a presence of heavy shrubs or trees it may be wise to hire the use of a bob cat or back hoe. If however, the lot has thick bush it may be in your best interest to have the bush removed by a de-bushing crew. This choice will prevent scaring of the land through the unnecessary removal of top soil which usually results in the creation of soil mounds that eventually become small bushy hills.

Debris Removal: You should always make sure that the debris will be carried away after the clean up as this will help avoid the dried heaps from harbouring pests & Rodents, reduce the difficulty and cost of future clearances and of course it makes for a much tidier end result.

Lot Spraying: It makes good sense to make sure that the lot is sprayed with a good herbicide after it is cleared. This practise will dramatically increase the time it takes for the bush to become replenished

How often should you clear your lot: At least once a year. The most strategic time to clear a lot is at the beginning of the dry season (April – May) as this will maximise the length of time the lot remains clear as well as minimising the danger of the lot becoming a fire hazard to neighbouring houses