Bajan Cherry tree


botanical name ( Malpighia galbra ) This can be a large, evergreen shrub or small tree. The plants are twiggy, often with multiple trunks and an upright to drooping form. The leaves are variable, usually elliptical to oblong or lance-shaped and wavy. Held opposite on the stem, the leaves often end in a pointed tip and are dark green and glossy when mature. Leaves and thin stems are covered with small, white, silky hairs when young that are irritating to the touch. Pretty, small flowers are produced singly or in few-flowered clusters in the leaf axils. They are roundish with five petals that are spoon-shaped or fringed. The flowers are produced in cycles, usually with rainfall and most often spring through fall. Shiny, red fruits follow the flowers. They are round, three-lobed and contain three winged hard seeds. The fruit is juicy and usually acidic.