Lawns & Landscapes is a landscaping design, construction and maintenance company
West Indies Realty

As a real Estate Agent and Property Manager I have the responsibility of ensuring that my clients’ landscapes are maintained to the highest standard at all times.

From the first time doing business with this company I was very impressed, as they were able to complete a landscape redesigning project from start to finish in two and a half days to meet a last minute deadline request of one of my client who lives overseas.

From this point forward they have been very professional in the manner in which they maintain various properties and the manner in which they handle their invoicing & fee collections.

Mr. Lynch

General Manager, West Indies Realty

Lashley Properties

I have entrusted the maintenance of several of our management properties to Lawns & Landscapes.

Their reliability, attention to detail and professionalism has really reduced my head ache in an area of management that can at times be a challenge.

I look forward to a continued healthy relationship between the two companies.

Mr. Nicholas Lashley

General Manager, Lashley Properties

Better than Expected

Hated my old mower. I life on an incline and hated mowing my yard. My old mower was heavy and clumsy. It finally crapped out on me and looked into battery mowers. I was willing to pay a little more to not have to deal with changing oil, transporting gas (and spilling it in my car), and to help the environment. Found this how awful gas lawn mowers are for the environment: “One gas mower running for an hour emits the same amount of pollutants as eight new cars driving 55 mph for the same amount of time, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists.” The Ego Battery mower is much quieter, much lighter which makes it easy to maneuver. No gas or oil to deal with!!! I do have a small lawn which takes about 45 minutes to mow. The battery was still green when I was done. The Ego is very ergonomic, easy to collapse and store every time I am done mowing. Love it!